Here's a list of everything currently available. We've also provided some samples in a couple of ways. CD's are available at all live shows, The Record Collector in Bordentown, and by mail (click for printable mail order form).

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Blues Routes CD

Blues Routes
Joe Zook & Steve Guyger with J.S. Cheadle

1. Amazing Grace
2. That's Life
3. Elevate Me Mama
4. Preachin' Blues
5. Rocket 88
6. Wee Wee Hours
7. Pentagon Blues
8. Hawaiian Christmas
9. Sloppy Drunk
10. Cut It Out
11. Goin' Down Slow
12. House Of The Risin' Sun
13. Shake The Boogie
14. Precious Lord, Take My Hand

Paying Dues CD


Celebrating more than 25 years of playing heartfelt and passionate blues, Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe are out there Still Payin' Dues"

1. Comin' Home
2. Jersey Blues
3. Old Maid Boogie
4. Ya Might Hafta Suffa
5. S.O.S. (Stuck on Stupid)
6. Payin' Dues
7. Cherry Red Blues
8. GM Jam
9. How Long
10. Head Start Shuffle
11. The Danger Zone
12. You Got Nothin' To Say


Their first CD includes two blues classics as well as eight original Blues Deluxe tunes. 
1.  All I Can Hear Is The Blues
2.  Double-Time Drinkin'
3.  Kidney Stew Blues
4.  The Hawk Is Back
5.  One Good Morning
6.  The Trenton Stroll
7.  Just A Dream
8.  I Wanna Stay
9.  Good Morning Blues 
10.Blues With A Capital B

Blues DeLuxe CD


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Blues with a Capital B
Cherry Red Blues
Double time Drinkin'
Jersey Blues
Kidney Stew
Old Maid Boogie
Payin' Dues
The Hawk Is Back
Ya Might Hafta Suffa

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