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Band Delivers a Righteous Dose of The Blues, by John Fisher, The Bucks County Courier Times (click to open or close)

Wednesday night, Vernon's on Woerner Avenue in Levittown received a righteous dose of the blues at the hands of Blues Deluxe, the Trenton-based band headed by local notable Joe Zook.
Blues Deluxe, currently in a four piece configuration - drums, bass, guitar and saxophone - can really kick out the blues from the variety offered up by B.B. King, to the crying blues of Freddie King.
It will take you from an up-tempo shuffle to a down-and-dirty gut wrencher but through it all, the group can take pride in the fact that it is maintaining an authenticity to it's source material.
Musically, the group is highlighted by the stinging lead guitar lines of Zook, which are matched in spirit and intensity by the squealing saxophone interludes...
For those blues enthusiasts and fans of Blue Deluxe, the group will be on the upcoming bill of the Bucks County Blues Society when it presents Johnny Copeland and Jimmy Johnson at it's next show, April 15, at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Woodbourne Road in Levittown.
For those in attendance at Vernon's Wednesday, Blues Deluxe gave more than a fair sampling of what people planning to attend the upcoming show will receive - blues as it was meant to be played.

As A Culturally Underdeveloped Country Again Puts It's Bored, Deprived Head Down To Rest, Some Actual Culture Steals Into The Night by Niki Varge (click to open or close)

TRENTON. NJ.- The Fall Blues Festival at City Gardens was hopefully the beginning of a long and meaningful relationship between first rate blues artists and loyal followers among the culturally deprived around the state capital.
Opening the festival to appreciative applause. Joe Zook and company waded through some classic blues numbers. Bass player Bill Holt's well seasoned pipes were use to full advantage on lead vocals throughout the set which ended with a most energetic version of "Everyday I Got The Blues" and a juicy encore of "Got My Mojo Workin' ".
If blues is your bag, you can have a capital time every Tuesday night with Jersey's own Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe at Trenton's City Gardens. With their mixture of Chicago Blues, fusion and real blues rock it's hard to categorize them. Just take it from Steve Arvey of West Side Heat, "I've played all over this country and these guys are one of the best I've heard-no bullshit!"

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Blues Bites

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Another that jumps from the speakers and grabs you: Blues With a Capital B from the pride of Trenton, NJ., Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe. Joe Zuccarello is blessed with the rough-and-tumble voice many strive for. For him, singing the blues sounds natural and credible. His guitar playing is funky-tough, too, covering contemporary (the Handy-nominated "All I Can Hear Is the Blues"), Muddy slide ("Double-time Drinkin' ") and Stax-ed soul ("One Good Morning") with equal aplomb. A good rhythm section heats it up for the horns (gotta have 'em for this stuff!). "Kidney Stew" and "Just a Dream" are the lone reruns, with all other tracks original.

Living Blues MagazineLiving Blues Magazine
CD Review

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Trenton, New Jersey, is home base for Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe, a tight blues and blues/rock band that has been performing their tough blend of original tunes and classic covers since 1979. Slow blues like Double-Time Drinkin' and saucy, horn-heavy dance tunes like Eddie Vinson's' Kidney Stew Blues reveal the band's hard blues credentials, while their soulful strutters (All I Can Hear is The Blues) and rip-off-the-knob, full tilt rockers like One Good Morning suggest the breadth of their repertoire. In guitarist Zook's hands, Bill Broonzy's Just A Dream is a slow, belly rubbin' invitation to smoky romance. Blues With a Capital B is the band's first full CD in their 20-plus year existence. It's a shame we had to wait this long. -PRA

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Ben Jammin's Blues Review

by Ben Buckwald
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Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe have been together for over twenty years, and their new CD, "Blues with a Capital B" is finally out. The first track, "All I Can Hear Is The Blues," was nominated in 1987 for a W.C. Handy Award as "Best Blues Single of the Year!" The title track is perhaps the best tune on the disc, and it's dedicated to Joe's brother, Fran. Ernie White plays guitar on track nine, and he also produced, engineered, and mixed the CD. Steve Guyger plays a mean harp on a couple tracks, and the horns do a great job, bringing a fat sound to this recording. If you want a mix of delta blues, rock, Latin, funk, swing, and jazz, it's all here.

...And, if you speak (and read) Polish, here's an international Review: (click here to read the review)
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